Re: entry fees and backroom sleaze

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 10 2006 - 08:10:20 PST

I think I stirred it up a bit when I first joined the
list because I was asking about festivals with no
entry fee. I hadn't realised it was a political hot
potato that people argue about, and someone started to
be all defensive about why they have a fee.

For myself it doesn't worry me that some places have a
fee, because there are lots and lots that don't, and
just as it is helpful for some film festivals to hack
down the number of entrants, it's also useful to not
have to send your work to as many places, theres the
cost of postage for starters which is not
insignificant when posting overseas.

But you know, in the end I hardly got around to
sending out any discs anyway. Things happened, life
got in the way. I spent a lot of time dealing with
issues of my health and the things that were being
done to me, and my basic survival, and just never got
around to sending anything out. For ages I was
carrying around a DVD that I was supposed to send to a
festival called media city or something in Canada and
I never did.

So I just don't see how it can be a problem. There are
so many festivals and there isn't that much time in
life. All those forms to fill in and stuff too. That's
before you even get to the economics, I mean how many
festivals can you afford to burn off discs and post

I'm excited about a new video I'm working on and if my
excitment makes it through the long process of editing
and stuff then I may have another go at trying to send
stuff out. Maybe if I sit down for a whole weekend I
could get it out to a few places, but honestly, unless
you have a marketing department then how many places
can you send your work to anyway?? Every place has a
different form for you to fill in, often in uneditable
PDF format. It just isn't practical unless you have a
spell to summon thousands of tiny writing demons to
your cause.

I guess there are issues with the ethics of it all and
stuff, but at the end of the day there are plenty of
festivals for you to support that don't charge a fee,
so it seems straightforward to me but maybe I just
don't understand how it all works. *shrug*



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