Re: Entry Fee Rereredux

From: J.C. Cortlund (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Mar 09 2006 - 12:51:52 PST

"If you want to your film shown to a large group of bleary-eyed film gluttons, you should be willing to pay for it."

from John Porter, Toronto, Canada
email suppressed

Let me just say, not every festival is Sundance or SXSW and not every festival audience is full of indiscriminant film gluttons--just like every film isn't "Pulp Fiction" or "Sin City".

There are festivals out there who put a lot of time into programming little-screened artists and cultivating knowledgeable specialty audiences. Plus, festivals can be great opportunities for like-minded artists to get together and see each others' work.

Dismissing all festivals as the same is like saying all museums are the same. It's silly. And while I truly wish we here in the US had a Socialist infrastructure that suppored art exhibition and production, there are some people here doing what they can to make diverse works available beyond mainstream venues and megaplexes.

Jason Cortlund
Austin, Texas, USA

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