SF Bay Area DAT and Analog Audio Tape Yard Sale

From: benj gerdes (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Mar 09 2006 - 12:09:57 PST

Dear List,

Don't know if anyone is actively using a DAT or Nagra deck, but I had
stored the following at a family member's house and now she's moving,
so it needs to go to someone who will use it.

Unless convinced otherwise, this is local pick-up only in the suburbs
(Walnut Creek) and the deal has to be completed by Sunday night. Sorry
to post to the whole list, but I know there are quite a few bay area
people who read it.

20 DAT tapes:
- 18 Sony PDP65C
- 2 Sony DT60RA

12 Quantegy 1/4" 1200' Blank Audio Tape Reels:
- 6 Quantegy 408 1200' Audio Tape Reels
- 6 Quantegy 480 1200' Audio Tape Reels

All tape stock is unused and still shrink-wrapped.

I'm not looking for that much money and would be happy if someone needs
one or both of these boxes and could pay what they think is fair.
Email me offlist, and feel free to forward to students etc.

FYI, I also have a non-working Beaulieu 5008s/Angeniuex lens (In
Brooklyn). For parts or I'm told fixable if you have the $$. Email if


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