From: david tetzlaff (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Mar 07 2006 - 19:44:29 PST

>Could probably raise those numbers significantly by passing the petitions
>around a few film schools.

I was on the UFVA board the last few years and I/we REPEATEDLY made
the point to the Kodak reps that always attend our meetings that by
eliminating color reversal, they were shooting the education market
in the foot. As Alain said, they're not going to make a lot of money,
or any money with these stocks, but these are the pathways for those
students who want to find they're way to filmmaking through film
rather than digital.

The Kodak education people are sympathetic, but I take it they have
very little clout in Rochester. More importantly, they're concept of
'film school' is very much an industry-prep conservatory model, and
artisanal/experimental makers aren't even on their radar. The big
film schools are still doing film are doing it the Hollywood way:
shoot Vision color neg.; take it to digital, edit on Avid,
post-process electronically, then (maybe) get a film out. In fact,
kodak's major push in the commercial market, and they're trying to
sell it to the bid film schools too, is their 'Look Manager' system:
a software program that lets you select different film-style 'looks'
-- Kodachrome, bleech bypass etc. -- from a drop-down menu.

So this is what all those John Q Film Students who want to make it in
the biz want to learn, since its how the pro's do it.

Various posts indicate things are better in Europe. Hopefully,
someone will set up a boutique business importing European stocks of
types that are no longer availaable here, and that will enable enough
shooting to keep a few labs here open.

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