E6 processing (was Meeting with Kodak)

From: Todd Eacrett (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Mar 07 2006 - 14:11:18 PST

Alain and others,

Forde has announced they are now processing 7285 100D ($0.20
per foot) as well as the 7280 64T Super-8 (13.50 per cartridge).

And I just spoke to someone at Northwest in Vancouver
(www.nwfx.com). They've been processing 7285/5285/7280 for a
while now. Prices are $0.30/ft for 16mm, $0.40/ft for 35mm.
Those are Cdn $ (about 0.26 and 0.35 US).

So, a little good news for reversal in the pacific northwest...

Todd Eacrett
Victoria, BC, Canada

Alain said:
> P.S. I know a fellow here in town who is setting up an E6
> in his
> basement for short
> 400' runs.
> ================

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