criticalartware @ BUSKER on FRI 2006.03.10

From: jonCates (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Mar 07 2006 - 09:40:40 PST


Dan Sandin interview by criticalartware
   ++ a BLIT:SCREEN demo + introduction!

         on FRI 2006.03.10
                          @ 8 PM



join us as criticalartware screens our interview with Dan Sandin!
this interview will be followed by a demo of + introduction to
BLIT:SCREEN, a new decentralized media distribution system developed
by jake elliott, a criticalartware core developer + running on the
criticalartware [application/platform].

nfo ABOUT criticalartware's DAN SANDIN interview, criticalartware,
BLIT:SCREEN + BUSKER follows below.

ABOUT criticalartware's DAN SANDIN interview:

since the late 1960's Dan Sandin has developed artware systems
integrating digitial + analog computers, customized circuits, home
{brewed|built}-hardware, video games + virtualReality.

Sandin, a professor @ the University of Illinois at Chicago, founded
the Electronic Visualization Lab (EVL), created the Sandin Image
Processor (I.P.), developed the CAVE virtual reality (VR) system +
various other [artware systems/technologies/projects/pieces]. Dan
Sandin's Image Processor (built from 1971 - 1973) offered artists
unprecedented abilities to [create/control/affect/transform] video +
audio data, enabling live audio video performances that literally set
the stage for current realtime audio video art praxis. to facilitate
the open release of the plans for the Image Processor as an [artware/
system/toolset], Sandin + Phil Morton created the Distribution
Religion. as a predecessor to the open source movement in the
tradition of free software, this approach allowed artists to engage
with these hardware systems + continues to [interest/inspire]
[artisits/developers]. in order to honor the innovative {recent
futures|parallel hystories} of the Image Processor + the Distribution
Religion, criticalartware has converted the deadTree Distribution
Religion into a single PDF file + a web-based version, for release to
the {criticalartware} community.

criticalartware interviews Dan Sandin, [discussing/illuminating] the
community + development of the early moments of video art in Chicago,
artware, performing live audio video, virtual reality, open source,
righteous NTSC outputs, the video revolution + the changes +
similarities that [bridge/differentiate] then && now.

ABOUT criticalartware:

criticalartware is an [application/platform/concern] compiled at the
turn of the century to address the hystories of new media, [software-
as-art/art-as-software] and [connections/ruptures/dislocations]
between early moments of artware and Video Art. criticalartware seeks
to [map/portscan/realize] the as-yet-unfulfilled promises of
technology first proposed by entities such as Vannevar Bush, Gene
Youngblood, Ted Nelson, Buckminster Fuller, and the publication
"Radical Software."

By drawing [parallels/paths] between the [concepts/discourses] of the
early video art movement and the current [artware/newmedia] moment,
criticalartware hopes to [re]connect the current context to its
rightful past: a multitude of [personal/subjective] hyperthreaded


BLIT:SCREEN is a [webApp|system|artware] running on the
criticalartware platform. localized groups (collectives, clans,
classes, cabals etc.) sign up, register a mailing address + media
playback capabilities + then receive media from randomized sources
throughout the WWWorld. once a month, the BLIT:SCREEN system sends
each group an email with the mailing address of another group to
which to mail media. as a result, every group who participates in
this physical exchange receives a DVD-R or CD-R or VHS or VinylRecord
or any other media type delivered in any other appropriate format
from 01 other participating group every month. likewise every group
sends 01 instance of BLIT:SCREEN out to 01 group (whom BLIT:SCREEN
has suggested), thereby creating a deeply distributed + dynamic 01 to
01 network.

BLIT:SCREEN is both a distribution system + a distributed archive. in
this way the system is grid distribution + grid archiving. nothing is
prescribed about participating groups; a group might be a hacker
collective living in a squat, an experimental television station [+/
or] a professor collecting + distributing student work. media
distributed through BLIT:SCREEN could include completed projects,
artworks, raw materials for production+remix, critical txts,
unearthed archives, shared cultural resources, &c&c. the BLIT:SCREEN
system assumes no prescriptions [+/or] standards as to what
participants do with the material they receive, however, screening
+discussion+archiving are encouraged. BLIT:SCREEN draws connections
from the hystories + technologies of bicycling physical video tapes
during the early video art moment, {sneaker|floppy|walk}-nets +
onLine {communication|development} [channels/paths] in demoscenes +
BBS culture as well as {highlighting|suggesting} contemporary
possibilities for the role of decentralized distribution modalities +
resource sharing.


Busker is a flexible, alternative, noncommercial, artist-run gallery
space in the East Village of Chicago commited to audio and visual
art. The purpose of Busker is to provide a venue optimized for sound,
moving images, and other new media arts for young and emerging
artists in the Chicago area. It is our goal to be able to provide
artists with a suitible space to show films or videos, as well as
perform live music, or sound pieces. We aim to reach out to the
growing art community in Chicago that is compelled by new media arts
and the implications that the hold in the contemporary art world.
Busker wants to accommodate to all those interested about this
artwork, as well as house projects and events corresponding to any
aspects of these mediums. In trying to establish a network of artists
and enthusiasts, Busker strives to connect artists with one another
in a common social environment.

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.