Re: guy debord film retrospective:

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 06 2006 - 06:56:58 PST

hi, yeah, keith, I did notice that the price was $30,
if you wanted to see the entire thing w/ them,
which seemed a little expensive to me. so,
I wound up not passing through, although I was
interested in the fellowship. I'm really happy that they
put it together, but was a little unhappy w/ the format
and price of their event. They may have had
take-a-ways, but if they weren't projecting w/
subtitles and etc, then they probably didn't.

... I'm in the process of transferring the pal
dvds to ntsc dvds, and planning to slap the english subtitles
on the dvds, and then, if possible, offer the same program,
probably for free if I can get the space, but
also provide the ntsc dvds w/ subtitles for the people.

will let you know if this happens anytime soon.
I'll look for artforum article.


On Sat, 4 Mar 2006, Keith Sanborn wrote:

> It looks like Bill Brown (aka Not Bored!) the hypocrite who gnashed his teeth
> and wailed about my subtitled version of Society of the Spectacle 10 years
> ago selling originally for $30 to justify his bootlegging it for $5, is
> getting greedy again exploiting someone else's labor. Only he's not even
> offering copies, just admission to a screening and none of the money for Bill
> Brown's screening goes to the Debord estate.

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