Re: filmo

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Mar 06 2006 - 06:25:35 PST

> They have bigger and stronger springs than a Bolex (the
> springs on estate-sale Bolexs are often shot as they've been stored
> wound). About the only problem I've encountered with a filmo is the
> graphite lube in the spring compartment breaking off, combining with
> dirt
> and gunking up the spring, but I don't think that's common. If you're
> into
> DIY, a Filmo is also a lot easier to take apart and muck around in
> than a
> Bolex.

Be EXTREMELY careful "mucking about" in those spring wound cameras,
that spring can seriously injure you or worse.

I WILL it's safer to dismantle and muck about in a Sony HD F900

(depends on the owner though ;-)


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