Re: why we shoot film/ Peeping Tom/ Scopophilia

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Mar 05 2006 - 11:12:38 PST

> sensual is, he goes
> around with this wonderful 16mm camera all the time
> and records
> everything, documents his whole life, and especially
> things having to
> do with suffering, pain, love, sex. Does anyone
> know what kind of a
> camera that is? It looks like it's got 3 lenses in
> front that rotate,
> and it's portable but larger than a Bolex. Probably
> a British model?

I've not seen the film, but I think the camera is a
Bell and Howell Filmo! I've certainly seen pictures
depticting a filmo as it made me want to see the film.
;) (My most special camera is my filmo).

Strangely, despite the fact I have one, and desptie
the fact there is one in the film, it is most
definitely not a British Model. (Maybe the lenses are
made in Leicester) but a well known american camera,
and it is virtually unavaiable over here, but very,
very common and cheap in the states. It used to be
used as a newsreel camera and extensively by the
american military. It is the 16mm version of the 35mm
eyemo that Hollywood loves to use as a crash camera.

Filmo's are a great choice for those wanting to start
out in 16mm and who can't afford a bolex. They are
very special cameras. You feed them a little oil and
they just keep going forever and ever.



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