Re: why we shoot film (was: the word is out)

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Mar 05 2006 - 08:24:30 PST

Thanks for the mail Pip!

> This debate seems to have become about artists vs
> nonartists, film vs
> nonfilm, and who is Joey Beercan with the 2.3
> children, which is all
> starting to bore me. I feel so far from these
> issues. My relationship

Yeah Johnny Beercan, is just doing his thing and
trying to get on. He is probably going to open another
beer right now. Maybe he will watch a sports game and
feel sort of happy for a moment. It doesn't seem very
relevant in any way. In fact I hope he has a good

> all worked up on
> this list because the avant-garde is about to die
> because Kodak is
> mismanaged - might as well complain about polar ice
> caps melting,
> it's not going to help much.

Exactly, it's really just one of those things. I think
thats a good analogy in fact.

With regard to the DVD thing, if the artists intent is
not to release stuff on video and only to have it
shown on film, then I think that's their wish and it's

Someone said that was a kind of artistic suicide, and
you know, I also think that is okay as well. You know
it's nice to know that you can kill yourself if you
really feel you need to. These are good things. This
is freedom.

We may feel sad if something we love is going to be
lost forever and we won't be able to see it again but
that's just one of those things, there are lots of
other films and video works out there. I feel sad
sometimes about all the works the nazis set ablaze,
but you know I probably won't even get to see all the
ones that they didn't destroy, it's one of those

Perhaps it is even better to let some artworks die
because eventually artworks start to decompose sort of
anyway. They become adrift from their original context
and people add new meaning to them and use them to
their own ends, like all that art in the louvre.
That's probably okay too, but you aren't really
looking at the same art as when it was created. It's
all changed.

> sometimes the debates seem to undermine the very
> reason we are all
> talking to each other. We love film. Don't we?

Yeah I don't really understand how these film vs video
things kick off. I mean surely everyone here loves
film as you say, in which case who cares! If people
want to shoot video too, then that's great as well!
More films and video's to see! Yay! Maybe that might
even mean more diversity, who knows, we can only hope.

In fact more and more people are shooting M.P. film,
it's a side effect I expect of the whole digital
thing, and that's a good thing. People just aren't
taking much in the way of still film anymore and you
know, that isn't even what this list is about, so it's
all a bit of a panic about the things that are
happening somewhere else that we can do nothing about.

I am impressed that you guys can get so animated about
it all really. Endless discussions about what kind of
products we should buy, what kind of art we should
see. Personally it all seems really disconnected to my
life. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't a bit of an
excuse to talk about something and to express things
because there are other things that we are not allowed
to talk about or express.

If we love film then the most we can do is to go out
and shoot film and to watch film and enjoy film. Hey
we can even talk about it. :)

I don't think it is even bad to talk and disagree
about things like film vs video etc. It's good that we
can have these discussions and it's good to express
how you feel about things, even if there is nothing
that can be done about them.

However I do find it sad if people start being nasty
to each other or falling out with each other over
things like the extinction of Kodachrome (for
example), something which usually none of the arguing
parties have any part in!

That just seems silly.



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