Re: penquins

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Mar 04 2006 - 15:36:59 PST

> Sam--
> Niche market, yes. But how large (or small) a niche would you like it
> to be?

That's an unknown for at least no other reason than it does (and will
continue to I suspect) exist outside the conventional film industry
parameters of a "market"

This is true not just for AG/Exp but for alternatives in cinema as well.

> I just happen to find a great deal of disingenuousness in claims that
> video transfers would somehow destroy the so-called "purity" of work
> shot on film,

Well I don't necessarily agree with you even if I'm more optimistic
about digital alternatives than some others may be.

I've posted more than enough about this over time here; in the final
analysis I can only say what _I_ want to do about it and I migh humbly
suggest if you want to promote your work or the work of those
sympathetic to your argument in video formats, "just do it" - like
Matt McCormick let's say.

The two things I would possibly suggest considering are 1. that I find
"video" way too amorphous a description and 2. I'm NOT convinced mass
propagation of certain kinds of Experimental work _will_ lead to
significantly larger *seriously attentive* audiences.

Yes I think the audience can and should be expanded (why not ?) but
sheer numbers of "impressions" as they say in the ad world don't
correlate to the kind of maker / audience interaction we're talking



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