Re: the word is out: experimental film is available for use on dvd by educators

From: Jon Jost (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 03 2006 - 13:38:03 PST

Not having had word from friend here if can or can't post, I will try
myself, though unsure this is the right manner, etc. A one-time deal, then
outta here - seems the sturm and drang in a teacup over matters of celluloid
vs digital - remains a hot topic of discourse here.


In lieu of asking a friend who subscribes decided to temporarily log in -
more hassle than I would like.
Brief skim suggests that comments of a few acquaintances that “it’s the
same” appears true. Oh well.

A notice, which some reading this forum might be interested in:

However first a note that LEIGHTON PIERCE has a stunningly effective and
beautiful installation work (original material in DV) up at the museum at
the University of Iowa, Iowa City. It comes down March 12. Anyone
interested in how this in my view usually dismal form can be turned into
real “art” by a real artist should try to get there and see it. WARM
OCCLUSION by title, it is composed of 6 columns, all sides of which are used
for projection, and it makes a dense, rich, extraordinarily beautiful piece
which well warrants an hour or two of immersion, though it is composed of a
basic 12 minute kind of loop.

Now to biz:

Come May 16 - 23 I will conducting an intensive DV workshop at Boston
University. It is worth 4 academic credits, and is open to non-BU students.
  Here is the BU spiel and information:

COM FT 552 Special Topic: Visiting Artists and Professionals Workshop: Jon
An intensive seven day workshop featuring iconoclastic independent filmmaker
and digital video auteur Jon Jost. Jost, first recipient of the John
Cassavetes Award for Lifetime Achievement as an Independent Filmmaker, has
been making award-winning and challenging films since 1963. After shooting
four feature films in 35mm, including two in Panavision, Jost "deliberately
and willfully" turned to digital video in 1996 after discovering the unique
possibilities of this new medium. Jost¹s workshop will cover the capacities
of digital video cameras as instruments of a new aesthetic, not merely as a
cheap alternative to film. In this hands-on workshop, participants will
shoot a number of exercises on their own, experiment with the capacities of
the cameras, and be introduced to the basic technical nature of the
symbiotic relation between shooting and editing in the digital realm. If all
goes well each participant can expect to shoot two or three short films on
their own, and at the conclusion should have a good grasp of the basic real
capacities of Digital Video. The workshop is NOT about financing, production
deals or the business aspects of this medium, nor is it about the supposed
secrets of "the film look." Our emphasis will be on the creative and
technical aspects of those qualities peculiar and specific to digital video
as an artistic medium. Students must be available days and evenings for
seven consecutive class days, Tuesday through Monday, with some possible
weekend activities. Students will keep a journal and submit a reflective
paper as well as complete other assignments as assigned in the workshop.
Further information on Jon Jost can be found at 4 cr.
Tuition: $1872

Summer 1 (May 16-22):
A1 Tues. thru Mon. 9 a.m.-9 p.m. including Sat. if needed. Robert Arnold

Participants should be able to walk away from this with 2-4 little finished
short works, and a reasonable understanding of DV aesthetics and technical
stuff, camera through NLE.

If interested, contact BU per above information.


Lastly, if any interest, most of my work, including most recent films (which
includes PASSAGES, 62 mins, all abstract, shown at Rotterdam Film Festival
2006), is available from me directly on DVD. Contact me, jon jost, at
email suppressed, or check website

If interested in broader discussion of DV, politics, arts of all kinds,
technical info, or whatever, you might find of
interest. It could use a kick in the butt.

from Jon Jost

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.