Re: Potassium Hydroxide (Chicago)

From: Shane Christian Eason (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Mar 02 2006 - 12:21:35 PST

A good place for chemicals is the Chemistry Department in a College or University.
Usually if you work for the institution or if you are a student, accessing the Chemistry
Store is the way to go...if they have a store. You can get a number of approved chemicals,
supplies and so on there. The techs may even mix/dilute the chemical for you and store it.
I bought Potassium Dichromate and Sulfuric Acid years ago and they did all the labour.
Evil stuff but works for hand processing and the chemicals last years.

--- Jodie Mack <email suppressed> wrote:

> Frames,
> I am looking to find some Potassum Hydroxide in Chicago (for mixing with
> coffee+baking soda+water to process b/w, per the instructions posted here
> fairly recently).
> Do any Chi.cs know where to buy this? I'm trying to avoid buying 30-50 grams
> over the internet.
> Or, has anyone discovered variations on this recipe?
> Really scared of catching on fire (+ wishing I had processing on the brain
> during Chem. class)
> Jodie Mack
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