New Maya Deren DVD: "Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti"

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Divine Horsemen: The Living Gods of Haiti A Maya Deren Film

Catalog No. - MC-521
2005, 60 minutes, Black and White
DVD, Region: 0 (All Regions)
TV System: NTSC
ISBN: 1-56176-501-5
UPC: 9781561765010
SRP (includes PPR): $29.98
Street Date: Available Now

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A journey into the fascinating world of the Voudoun religion of Haiti filmed
by Maya Deren during 1947-1951, and edited posthumously by Teji and Cherel
Ito. The viewer attends the rituals of Rada, Petro and Congo cults, whose
devotees commune with the cosmic powers through invocations - ritual
offerings, song and dance. The Voudoun pantheon of deities, or Ioa are
introduced as living gods, actually taking possession of their devotees.
Also featured are the Rara and Mardi Gras celebrations.

Although best known as a pioneer of independent experimental cinema, Maya
Deren was also a Voundoun initiate, and hence able to take her camera and
recorder where few have gone before or since. The soundtrack conveys the
stirring, invocatory power of the ritual drumming and singing. Maya went
first to Haiti as an artist, thining to make a film in which Haitian dance
should be a leading theme. But the manifestation of rapture that first
fascinated and then seized her transported her beyond the bounds of any art
she had ever known. She was open to the messages of that speechless deep,
which is, indeed, the wellspring of the mysteries.

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