Re: Super 8mm

From: Mark R Hancock (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 28 2006 - 13:34:28 PST

thanks Freya, and Pip and everyone else who helped me out and pointed me to online resources. You've accelerated my knowledge of Super 8 in leaps and bounds - damn you all!!

These are great resources and I know that people keep these maintained in their own time and out of love for the subect. Super 8 in particular is one of mediums that is never going to make us millionaires, but is definitely the film of film-makers and has so obviously influenced the mainstream cinema in style and aesthetic. I'm pleased its something that is going to continue to be available, albeit in a different 'form.'



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 From: Freya <email suppressed>
 Subject: Re: Super 8mm
 Sent: 28 Feb '06 19:13
 I forgot to say that the ektachrome 64T also has the
 advantage that you can home process it too! It is E6
 process so you can even use easy available slide
 processing kits from photography shops! It's harder to
 process than b&w tho because you have to be more
 careful about the temperature but it seems like a good
 option! :)
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