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MassArt Film Society Schedule Spring 2006

March 1st

The Life of Juanita Castro By Andy Warhol

Kiss By Andy Warhol

March 8th


March 15


An Evening of New Videos

For descriptions and artist bios please see:

March 22nd


March 29th

Madeleine Gallagher

April 5th

The Works of Corey Michael Smithson

Total running time: 125 minutes

"HUMOURESQUE", 50 minutes

In production for over eleven years, "HUMOURESQUE" is a dirty movie of
monstrous proportions. Told in twenty chapters, the labyrinthine plot
references prostitution, aging, drug addiction, incest, medieval surgery,
patent medicine quackery, fortune-telling, time-travel, madness, lust,
transsexualism, aristocratic debauchery, Rococo costume design, sexual
slavery, florid hallucinations, and overwrought penny dreadfuls. A love poem
to D.W. Griffith, in the form of a schizophrenic Victorian stag film. Like
"GONE WITH THE WIND" on food stamps. Alternately alluring and awful ... a
terrible, terrible dream.

"Ghostfight", 4.5 minutes

Various incarnations of myself knife-fight for supremacy on a rugged

"Bridefight", 13 minutes

A bearded bride waits on the seashore for her missing mate, using semaphore
and dance to signal passing ships. The sequel to "Ghostfight".

"Blooms", 15 minutes

Evolving geometries of the male and female body. Like Busby Berkeley on

"Box of Candy", 5 minutes

A psychedelic 3-D exploration of my abstract paintings.

"Palace", 5 minutes

A virtual journey through several ornate line drawings. Based on Baroque
motifs sketched in Amsterdam.

"Stag", 7 minutes

A meditation on death, masturbation, and masculinity.

"Apeshit", 3.5 minutes

A naughty Victorian valentine.

"Showbloat", 22 minutes

An unauthorized smashup of the 1951 musical.

WARNING: "HUMOURESQUE", "STAG", and "APESHIT" contain nudity, graphic
violence, and weird sexuality. These films may not be appropriate for all

April 12th

Work By John Bratten

April 19th

Pharaoh's Belt By Lewis Klahr

Lead Shoes By Sidney Peterson

Altair By Lewis Klahr

April 26th


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