Re: ST8

From: jeroen permentier (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 21 2006 - 01:53:34 PST

Thank you for all the alternatives so far. One day they will turn out
very usefull. About the possible discontinuation of st8: I also mailed
my question to the Agfa company. The answer just came in: the motion
picture products will still be produced, no problem there.
I got kinda worried whem a couple of weeks back I wanted to order a
roll of st8 from Color By Dejonghe, a lab here in Belgium. They told
me that they didn't use the material themselves anymore, and they only
wanted to sell me st8 by the can (2 rolls of 625m each).
I eventually got my single roll from Cineco in Amsterdam.
Smells great.
Looking forward to any "print stock event".

jeroen permentier, Brussels

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