Re: [AMIA-L] Public Libraries with 16mm collections

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Feb 20 2006 - 19:16:04 PST

Hello Alain and Grace,

         Public 16 ( has a
         great interest in providing a compendium of
         access inside the United States of public
         library institutions that have 16mm holdings.

         If there is anyone that this email reaches
         who knows of some library anywhere inside
         the US that has 16mm holdings, that are
         or have been at some point publicly accessible,
         we'd like to know about it. If you think that
         the holding is so small that we ought to know
         about it, or its too insignificant, please
         inform us of it, anyway. We will not
         mind having another email on this matter and
         no matter how small, it can be of some help.
         Please, please, do not hesitate to contact us.
         If anyone is interested otherwise in working on
         a method to continue public and common
         citizen access to these basic materials,
         please, also, do not hesitate to contact
         us, as we would be interested in working
         with you.

         Alain, you have mentioned herein 2 libraries of
         some sort that are destroying filmic resources.
         Can you please be more specific about the
         nature of these collections ?
         Do not hesitate as time may be running out.

         Thank you.


[NY; Boston, MA; WDC; Hyattsville, MD; Pennsyvania]

On Sat, 18 Feb 2006, Grace McKay wrote:

> Can you give us directions to the dumpsters?
> Grace McKay
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> Subject: [AMIA-L] Public Libraries with 16mm collections
> What are the logistics involved in obtaining prints from Public Libraries
> who are dumping their
> collection of 16mm titles? I currently know of two libraries in the
> process of removing all 16mm titles from their collection, yet they are
> contractually/legally bound to throw these in the garbage.
> How can this be prevented? Can the library place a collection or titles
> from that collection on "permanent loan" to an organization? Do the
> legalities have to do with determining the rights holders and clearing
> those rights?
> Appreciate any assistance in this matter. Email offlist if necessary.
> Alain LeTourneau
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> Alain LeTourneau

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