Re: Zoo Story (For The Birds)

From: amanda christie (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Feb 17 2006 - 18:25:33 PST

'at land' is my favourite too.

while there was no whodunnit in 'the birds'... i must
say that the imagery sticks with me....

in fact, i was in a hotel in victoria a few weeks
ago... it was for the victoria independent film and
video festival... and one of the higlights of the time
for me was on saturday morning this seagull landed on
my windowsill, and my friend and i started feeting it
bread, and we opened the window, and all of a sudden
there were many seagulls coming at the window for the
bread and pushing each other out of the way...flapping
their wings at the glass and blocking out the
sunlight... and for a moment.... my heart was in my

then we closed the window and laughed at the one
seagull who stayed behind after all the others left.
but he stayed even after we stopped laughing at him.
so after a sufficient period of awkward silence and
staring at one another.... we opened the window and
gave him more bread... more gulls returned and the
cycle began again.

we went through this cycle three or four times and
were two hours late checking out as a result.

fun was had by all.

amanda christie
vancouver, bc. canada


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