Re: student looking for first super 8 camera

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Feb 17 2006 - 03:14:13 PST

--- john porter <email suppressed> wrote:

> I've never had an auto exposure or filter problem
> with
> any type of super 8 camera or stock. And I think

The filter thing is really minor, there is a fair bit
of argument about as to whether the difference is at
all noticeable. I only mentioned it because 85B is
technically the correct filter for the 64T, and
someone was asking what the issues were. 85 and 85B
are similar filters, but not quite the same.

As for stocks, the only stocks that present a problem
with auto exposure are the new version of Plus-X and
the new 64T. The new Tri-x will also everexpose
slightly but only a tiny amount compared to the other
2. Vision 2 500T might be an issue in many cameras
too, but obviously, only if you are running the
cameras on auto exposure.

But you know this is all just the techie stuff. I shot
some footage with a camera that had completely failed
auto exposure. There was no manual mode at all but I
shot some footage with the camera that came out
beautifully. I got lucky, I was shooting at night too
which helped.

> manual exposure is common. I've bought several
> decent
> cameras with manual exposure recently for $50 or
> less.

It's common but it's also common for cheaper cameras
to have auto exposure only. I have 3 cameras that are
auto exposure only. You can probably pick up a preety
good camera for $50 tho.

Failing meters are also a common problem, over 50% of
the cameras I have, have failed meters.

The point I was making was that if you are buying a S8
camera, you should be sure it has manual metering. I
think that has to be top of the list for must have

> I haven't tried the new 64T, but many people seem to
> think it's not a problem. The big, annual
> "straight8"
> festival & tour organized in London & San Francisco
> (deadline yesterday) is having everyone shoot on 64T
> this year, and assuring them that it works in all
> cameras.

It will work in all cameras, it's just that some
cameras will overexpose the stock if using the
internal metering. Not all cameras will do this and
those that do will still produce pictures, they will
just be a bit overexposed. Some people might even lke
the effect it gives. :)



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