Re: Film Job in San Francisco

From: Steven Budden (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 16 2006 - 11:10:34 PST

The pay is low but someone will take the job for sure. The job market is a little slow here.
That's the first time I've heard SF rental prices referred to as reasonable. Isn't it still one of the more expensive markets in the US?
Anyway, the Academy of Art University has some sort of real estate scam going so I don't think they have to worry about it. They own many many large, beautiful buildings throughout the city and they pick up a few more every year. Within five blocks of my apartment they probably own six buildings.

It's amazing how little they pay ($13.50) and how much the

Send your camera or projector off, or get service on your flatbed and your
going to pay at
least $50 and hour and up. Where I work you get paid what SFAA is paying
just to teach iMovie. And this is SF to boot where rents are so

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