pushing and pulling (was frameworks digest 14)

From: amanda christie (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 16 2006 - 09:26:51 PST

sam's right on this.

pushing increases contrast and grain, while pulling reduces contrast and grain.

this is because exposure controls density while processing controls contrast.

this is a good thing to remember when hand processing (iwhen hand processing it's no more expensive to push or pull), because it lets you sort out whether or not mistakes were made in exposure or in processing. flat image with proper density was underdeveloped while thin image with a lot of contrast was overprocessed. this is especially helpful when analyzing film stocks without edgecodes (such as 3378).

if you want to push or pull, there's a very simple formula to help you adjust your development time for any chemical/stock combination:

oops. my little guide sheet's not here. it's at my studio. i can send that formula guide later on if any one is interested.

sorry for geeking out. the ex-lab tech in me gets carried away sometimes.

amanda dawn christie
vancouver bc, canada

> Theoretically, you
> COULD make up for an ASA mismatch by using the auto meter settings as
> they
> are and having a lab do actual pushing or pulling to adjust,

This will have other effects on the image (more / less contrast, grain
etc) besides changing effective exposure index.


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