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From: David Westling (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 14 2006 - 19:59:25 PST

cari wrote:

> what tribe?
> r' was 'indian cheif' a joke?
> not an indian name -ur's?
> "real life is beyond you"??
> no indian (cheif or no) that i know would say that
> c

no, that was just a reference to a particular "selection rhyme", as
they are termed, a sort of preface to children's games, this one goes
back to at least 1695--it goes tinker tailor soldier sailor
rich man poor man beggar man thief doctor lawyer indian chief. If a
game is being set up and nobody wants to volunteer for a particular
part or position, or randomness (as in choosing sides) is desired,
the selection rhyme is employed. It seems that girls used this one
also to point to someone to marry. It's in Sternberg's _Blonde
Venus_, to cite one interesting example. Often variations, usually
in the form of an additional few syllables, would be invented to
thwart seasoned players' efforts to determine the endpoint of the
rhyme, thus abetting one's control over the outcome of the selection
process and increasing status within the group.
The most famous of these selection rhymes perhaps is "eeny meeny
miney mo..." where "eeny meeny" apparently derives from some
Scottish money slang.

Well, I admit that the Nietzsche reference was rendered ambiguously--
does this definition of the academic apply to me? Couldn't be! I
like to think I've gotten largely beyond it...One wishes to embody a
philosophy of embodiment

David Westling

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