Re: 'fetish'

From: David Tetzlaff (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Feb 10 2006 - 20:09:23 PST

Chris: sorry I misread your objection. I suppose it says soemthing about
my biases that I assumed your negative reaction had to do with stigmatized
sexulaity, not economics. That latter may certainly be the more repulsive
field ;-). But seriously, I don't know how Marx's analysis of the
commodity could make someone viscerally upset, so if you'd be willing to
exolain that, I'd be interested to hear the details: off list, when/if you
have the time. I'm curious. I suppose my reply sounded a bit pompous as an
etymology lecture. I was mainly trying to indicate that I had used the
term in a sense that, to me, is fairly innocuous.

Fred: It is increasingly frustrating that you insist in assuming the
debate is about you, which it's not. My refernce to 'fetishizing the
author's intent; was not directed at you specifically, but at a rhetorical
thread that has appeared here on Frameworks over a course of mnay years,
of which you are only one participant, albeit a fairly prominent one. Thus
I make no claim whatsover that you as a whole person, or your work in
general, pays too much attention to the author's wishes at the expense of
the bigger picture. I would claim that you have authored Frameworks posts
that have done so. However, I'm well aware that your work as a film critic
in general does not focus on this issue. I don't quite see how you or
anyone could confuse the two: a reponse to a Frameworks post and an an
alaysis of your entire critical oevre. Maybe I would have a better chance
of picking up your attempts at humor if you could avoid the regular
insults (ala 'actually more obnoxious...'). And please, I am not so stupid
as to assume that invoking Marx or Abbie Hoffman 'proves' anything.
However, it should connect my specific thoughts here to some well known
lines of argument, so that we don't have to completely re-invent the
wheel, and thus Chris can scream "not THAT thgeory again" and reach
directly for his motion sickness bag,

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