judson memorial church archive ...

From: Philip Hood (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Feb 10 2006 - 13:39:13 PST

         I finally did make it down to nyu's bobst
         library, yesterday - I finally became a paying
         alum - and did query the librarians and archivists
         at the fales special collections dept. about
         the Judson Memorial Church Archive, specifically
         about "media" in terms of video and film
         reels that they have ... and they are pretty
         open, although securing rights to publish
         one's own copies of these items, I think, might
         take some work to do.

         The series of "documents" have been divided out
         into varied categories ... The G Series is the
         "Other Media" section. There is a listing with
         a fair description:

Series G: Other Media. [Research copies may not be available for these
materials yet. Check with the Fales archivist.]

Series G contains the videos, cassettes, and reels from the Judson
Memorial Church archive. These files are arranged alphabetically and
include performances, speeches, sermons, church source material, and other
miscellaneous recordings. Videos of the Judson Project are located in
series G, subseries 3.

Cassettes of Rev. Al Carmines' Judson Cabaret Series, the Judson Poet's
Theater, and the Judson Worship Services, including some ordination
services, comprise series G, subseries 1 of the Accretion 2001. Videos in
series G, subseries 3 include a Channel 4 News piece on the Martin Luther
King, Jr. Celebration held at Judson on January 14th, 1990 and a WCBS News
piece on the Yoko Ono event held at Judson on January 19th, 1990. A WABC
piece on stained-glass work in churches is also included in this

         and if you go to this website:

         you will see a title with a box number, date and listing
         of which folder the item is found in.

         should anyone be interested in pursuing any of this
         any further & if I can be of _any_ assistance,
         let me know.

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