Re: 'fetish'

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Feb 10 2006 - 09:56:55 PST

just because you say stealing isn't right
it doesn't make it that way either fred
each situation is very different in my mind
which our set of laws oft glosses over and you apparently adhere to
that our system of law reflects more of a penalty for a thief than a
points to a wacked value system
haven't u seen the bicycle thief???
(oh yeay i forgot the - people see stuff but don't absorb the inherent
knowledge - factor)
i think you miss the point of "i am not a marxist"
ur funny fred - humor - right

i am glad for the clarification of the word use
thank you david
my work has been negatively criticized as fetishistic
(as have naive artists and others)
and i think it is just sick (limited) on the part of freud's mind in the
first place
and continued thru the critic
good 2 know it was used in a different light


On 2/10/06, Fred Camper <email suppressed> wrote:
> David, my questions were sincere, and I will reply to you and others; I
> just haven't had the time to do so yet due to the press of work and
> deadlines; I make a living as a journalist.
> You apparently missed the attempt at humor in my reply to "fetish." But
> you know, just because Marx said or wrote something doesn't make every
> application of what he said valid. Didn't Marx also once say, "I am not
> a Marxist"?
> Your explanation actually seems more obnoxious to me than your post
> would have seemed had you meant "fetish" in a Freudian sense. Show me
> the evidence, please, that I pay "too much attention" to the unique
> properties of film versus video "at the expense of attention to other
> things." Most of my writing on film doesn't refer to the 24 fps
> succession-of-stills "essence of cinema" at all. What little I've
> written on Kubelka doesn't focus exclusively on the filmic nature of his
> work. Just because you want to quote Marx doesn't make it right when you
> violate an artist's wishes for his work. Just because you title a
> message "steal this message" doesn't make stealing right either.
> Fred Camper
> Chicago
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