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Date: Fri Feb 10 2006 - 05:24:56 PST

Although I'm almost sure that I was aware that you, personally, were using fetish in the Marxist sense, I appreciate the response, David. It is how Marx uses this term and develops this theory that either sets off my ADD or pushes my buttons in some way. Each time a pop cult essay grounds itself with Marx's commodity theory, I literally get sick to my stomach.

Sorry to the list as this most likely does not relate.

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  This is a word many folks only associate with freudianism and sexual
  obsession. However, that is not, at base, what the word means: it's
  general defn. is neither particularly creepy or pejorative. It is 'an
  object believed to have magical properties.' In Marx's theory of the
  commodity this notion of magic is akin to 'something somone pays too much
  attention to at the expense of attention to other things.' Apparently
  several current video-games use the term for objects players may acquire
  that have unusual powers: e.g. a pistol that always shoots the player's
  enemy between the eyes.

  The etymology of the term -- which has 'charm' or 'totem' as the closest
  synonym at its derivation -- goes back to the Latin for 'artificial' and
  'to make.' So all art might be said, merely descriptively, to be a

  I brought it up in something akin to the marxist sense, meaning to
  'fetishize' is to isolate something from the big picture, to fail to see
  the forest for the trees, as it were. Hardly a compliment, but nothing, I
  think to get too disturbed about...

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