Re: Question about sound equipment and post for 16mm

From: Rob Danielson (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 09 2006 - 08:23:42 PST

At 5:13 PM -0500 2/8/06, Sam Wells wrote:
>MD is pretty good but avoid mini plugs if you can, well trying to
>work with them (borrowed deck Sony ? Sharp ? I forget has driven me

All thumbs and fuzzy vision here too. There are some surprises in
"quality" though if one can cope with some inconvenience-- see below
link to a test comparing a $170 HiMD recorder to moderate and top
gear to get an idea. The recent availability of low-noise, high-gain
mics and recorders at such low cost seems unprecedented. Field
recordists on other lists I follow are using mics like Rode's NT1-A
and NT2-A and Audio Technica's AT3032 to provide astonishing
performance in the $170-$350 range. Shure's WL-183 is a fantastic
lavaliere mic for less than $200 a pair. (183's can be powered
directly from a HiMD recorder's mic jack. Contact me off-list for
wiring directions). Rob D.
(3.7mb QuickTime)
The Rode NT1-A mics used in this test have very low "self-noise"
allowing the performance of the mic preamps in the the recorders to
be more easily evaluated. The Sound Devices 722 recorder runs about
$2400 -- sort of the "Nagra" of today.

>I'm not up on mics these days but I always liked the modest Electro
>Voice RE 18 dynamic for ambient / sampling recording, it's a bit
>weak in output but I had no problems with a Nagra back in the day...
>be aware it's a bit wider than hypercard favs like the 416 and the
>Sennheiser electrets, but then it sounded more natural to my ears....
>>>I think I'd prefer to cut sound on a Steenbeck with mag stock. Does
>>>anyone know a place in New York where I could record sound onto mag

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