Re: brakhage suggestions

From: J. Mabe (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 09 2006 - 12:27:52 PST

Thanks for all the affordable Brakhage suggestions,

it turns out you should probably have some idea about
where you will be living in a month's time if you plan
to rent films as all the renters seem to need a lot of
warning. Fair enough - once I settle somewhere I'll
try to do this the right way.

Also, to Andy Ditzler: (apologies if you did not say
this - I can't find your email on the subject) - Where
did you find "Two: Creeley/McClure"? I assume you
meant somewhere in GA. Was it at the Morris in
Augusta? I know they are supposed to have a film
collection, but I don't know what they've got.


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