Question about sound equipment and post for 16mm

From: David Tetzlaff (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Feb 08 2006 - 14:46:37 PST


you don't indicate whether you need sync between picture and sound, or
whether wild sound will suit you. what kind of camera are you shooting
with? something that is relatively quiet that runs at exactly 24fps with
constant speed (e.g. crystal control) or a noisy MOS camera (e.g. Bolex or

If you need sync, you want something that records at a constant and
predictable speed, basically any technology post-analog-tape will do that.

with a very small budget, you might be best off borrowing something that
will record and buying a low-cost mic for it. As a recording device, you
might try to find a DV camcorder with a mic input, (most consumer models
now do not have one, but virtually all older ones did). Hi-8 or even
normal 8 video would also work. Another option would be if you have access
to a laptop with a sound input (any old Powerbook, for example) you would
need, in addition to an external mic a software recording program. Simple
ones of these are cheap or freeware, Look on or tucows.

in a mic, you want to steer away from ones designed for music recording or
PA, as they are tweaked for narrow tonal ranges and designed for close
micing. rugged decent-sounding unidirectional mic appropriate for general
work include the venerable EV-635 and the similar but cheaper Shure VP64.

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