Re: expired Kodachrome

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 07 2006 - 07:57:03 PST

> I'm about to shoot a roll of Kodachrome 40 from the 80s (16mm) and was
> wondering whether anyone had suggestions or ideas as to what to expect
> (low contrast, I'd guess, and a pinkish hue). Perhaps I should stop
> up a bit?
> many thanks,
> -Matt

Long ago I bought ~ 5 years short dated K40 -- which gave a really
light blue cast (dmax). Intrigued by one roll I bought a few more &
shot daylight w/o the 85.... kind of a blue tint/tone, kinda cool. It
was a bit grainy for Kodachrome...

There's no dye couplers but color obviously can shift, I suspect you
can only try a roll and see what happens.

An outdated neg I would overexpose for sure to keep above the increased
base fog level but a projection contrast reversal I wouldn't go to far
with this-- just don't expect solid blacks or clean shadows etc.

It might look fine, too if not stored in a hot attic etc.

On your own I think


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