Re: Peter Kubelka VHS

From: carlos.adriano (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Feb 04 2006 - 07:55:35 PST

Jorge Amaro wrote:

> Yes, I can understand perfectly, but again, living outside the screening circles, it's difficult to see them in any other format, If it wasn't for that bootleg tape, I would surelly die without watching his films. Anyways thank you for the info.

I do live outside the so-called "screening circles" too, but there are ways to deal with that. As Fred Camper put it, Kubelka's films can be rented in 16/35mm prints from a variety of sources in U.S. and Europe (ok, that means rental & shipping costs, customs and difficulties, but that does not justify quitting the search for "the real thing").

Embarassed to show-off myself, I'd like to quote a personal account. I and my friend / partner Bernardo Vorobow struggled for more than five years to bring Kubelka to Brazil (fights for sponsorship etc, even against trade and official Austria's lack of interest): but we were able to invite him to come, show all his films, give lectures, and we also edited a book (which seems to have pleased him, due its graphic design and content approach). We did not bring his films so that we could watch them first, although that would not be a bad idea (cinephilia program was made out of this: one person's desire to see a movie takes him / her to show it for him / herself and share with others). We had already seen his films before our Brazil's screenings. We arranged to travel to Vienna in order to meeting Kubelka and watching his films at screen and moviola (research, interview, texts for the book). Our main drive (after having heard about the work and got interest in it) was to look for the author / artist to meet the person and the work... I do not think anyone should think of "surely die without watching" any film; one must live to do so.

Carlos Adriano
São Paulo, Brazil

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