Urban research on Film at Directors Lounge

From: Klaus W. Eisenlohr (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Feb 02 2006 - 16:02:38 PST

For everybody who is planing to come to Berlin
for Berlinale, please check out this: our cool
meeting and screening place in Karl-Marx-Allee,
not far from Kino International! AND: free
admission! Come in, meet people and watch great
experimental and independent work!

Directors Lounge
9 through 19 February, 2006
from 6:00 pm until open end, Directors Lounge,
Karl-Marx-Allee 137, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain

Experimental film, video, new media, a festival
from artists for artists. Directors Lounge
started as an experiment, a relaxed space for
filmmakers, videoartists and everybody interested
in experimental forms of cinema and videoart,
during The Berlin International Film Festival.
Directors Lounge functioned as a hideaway, a
meeting point and also as a starting point for
new creative collaborations. -/- Special
programs: NoMasala, experimental short films from
India; Forming Motion: Animated Artistic
Experiments curated by Kim Collmer; Intimate
Journey curated by Lynn Loo; Words about moving
movies, a lecture by Cosima Reif; electronic
painting - videos and installations, curated by
Daniela Butsch; View05 Weather Report Finnish
Videoart, compiled by AV-arkki; Yunnan Arts
University, class Xiang Weixing, curated by
Daniela Butsch; CANDELA ! Cuban side-tracks
curated by Kristin Bergaust; An evening with aE3,
Multimedia-artist aE3 from Nantes; urban research
curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr;

Please see for details: http://www.kultur-in-berlin.de/DL2006.html

Urban Research on Film

A special themed program on city development and
urban space curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr:
Urban space is under rapid change. The city has
long played a predominant role in the work of
artists, the city as image, as ideal, as Moloch,
as source of joy and social destruction, and not
least as icon of Modernity. With the increased
dynamic of city development however - either as
Shrinking Cities or exploding Megacities - more
and more artists take up the issue of urban
development and adopt urban space and public
space as their theme.

The program includes film, video and media work
by artists who are concerned with the theme of
urban development and public space. Artists who
use their own original language, experimental
work, documentary, animation or essay together
create a discourse on the contemporary city.
Multi-channel and installation work will
complement each other.

Please see for details: http://www.richfilm.de/DL2006.html

Friday, 10 Febr. 2006
18:30 Reading Surfaces
Roger Warren Beebe, Rebecca Baron, Diane Bonder,
Sonja Lillebaek Christensen, Virginie Laganière

Saturday, 11 Febr. 2006
24:00 Where is Memory?
Steven Ball, Roddy Bogawa

Monday, 13 Febr. 2006
18:30 Urban Space as Chance
Daniel Kunle and Holger Lauinger, Klaus W.
Eisenlohr, Katja Striefler/region hannover

Tuesday, 14 Febr. 2006
Special program at Cafe Sybille, Karl-Marx-Allee 72
16:00 Karl-Marx-Allee Today
with Ben Anderson and Mr. Schneider

Wednesday, 15 Febr. 2006
18:30 Location, Territory and (Hi)story
Thomas Comerford, Dave Ellsworth

Thursday, 17 Febr. 2006
18:30 Transfers in Post-Modern Space
Wolfgang Bellwinkel, Virginie Laganière, Papa'n
Razzi aka Kemmy Thyssen, Chi-Jang Yin

Friday, 18 Febr 18:30
18:30 City Passages
Roger Warren Beebe, Cornelia Erdmann, Claus Bach,
Noëlle Georg, Fabienne Gautier, Diane Bonder

Saturday, 19 Febr. 2006
18:30 Desire For Modernity
Mariana Vassileva, Chi-jang Yin, Ben Speth, Dirk Holzberg

Interactive Installations
Gair Dunlop and Dan Norton, Desperate Optimists/Spell#7 and Ben Slater

February, 9 - 19, 2006
doors open 18:00
daily programs 18:30 | 20:30 | 22:00 | 24:00
Directors Lounge
Karl-Marx-Allee 137, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain
next to the north tower of Frankfurter Tor
Metro Frankfurter Tor U5 Tram M10

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