Gibson + Recoder + Menche

From: db (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Feb 01 2006 - 12:27:18 PST

Just want to give a heads up about one of the most magnificent
performances I've seen in many years.

Completely non-representational yet, for me, deeply profound. Echoes
of the history of the cinematic apparatus and before (particularly
magic lantern), as well as an embodiment of the most breathtaking
characteristics of alchemical cinema. Dense, yet wonderfully subtle,
intense and exhilarating, with traces of the visual concerns of
artists like Rothko, Turrell, and the sound/visual concerns of Phill

While I mention these artists for reference, the work of the trio is
completely unique to what they are doing. For example, while I
connect the audio visual information of G+R+M to Niblock, the forms
of expression are completely different. Phill works very
representationally with gorgeously saturated imagery, and his
minimalist scores are built upon long tones (often--perhaps always--
acoustic) interacting harmonically with each other to create
wonderfully dense and percussive sound fields. Gibson + Recoder,
however, are working non-representationally, in black & white, and
Menche is building very densely structured musical compositions more
akin to the computer-based compositions of Elliott Sharp or, for
those who saw them in '96 (?) at the old Knitting Factory, Faust with
Tony Conrad (the show that Keiji Haino opened for).

Anyway, I'm rambling because at this point I am still processing what
I saw last night. But I will say this performance was right up my
alley and I urge those who have a strong interest in live film/music
performance and collaboration to try to see this trio in action.

If it were still 2005, this would be my pick for best performance of
the year in Portland. Beautiful stuff.


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