Edward Owens

From: Yoel Meranda (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 31 2006 - 15:39:12 PST

Fred and others,

I checked the archives here at the coop, couldn't find much but here
is some info/words on Edward Owens:


Owens' own description of his film "Autrefois":
"A film of neutrality on its highest and most serene order. A
statement of the danger that lies in us all, our desires and execution
of the images of falsehood in which we live and create. A meeting of
an offer of love and the ingratitude with which it is accepted."

Gregory Markopoulos on "Autrefois":
"(Edward Owens) may well be one of the few for whom 'amateur' and
'professional' need have no significance whatsoever: true to his own
native talents, with grim determination uncanny, whether the mind in
the arts is for or against beauty or its opposite twin, chaos. So that
with each subsequent struggle to complete a film he will leave us
breathless with anticipation for his next work."

Parker Tyler:
'Edward Owens shows in "Tomorrow's Promise" a style pictorially so
exciting that the next he must do is listen to my advice.'

Charles Boltenhouse on "Private Imaginings and Narrative Facts":
'A montage of still and moving images, mixing and alternating black
people and white people, fantasy and reality, a presidential suite and
a mother's kitchen: a sensitive, poetic evocation in the manner of the
film-maker's "Remembrance". Brilliantly colored and nostalgic, it
comprises a magical transformation of painterly collage and still
photographic sensibility into filmic time and space.'

Jonas Mekas organized a one man show of Edward Owens' works in 1968
(at the Film-makers Cinematheque). His films were also shown in
Belgium and Brasil.



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