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Subject: 2006 Flaherty Seminar!

Register Now for the 52nd Robert Flaherty Film Seminar!
WWW.FLAHERTYSEMINAR.ORG <http://www.flahertyseminar.org>

The 52nd Robert Flaherty Film Seminar will be held June 17-24, 2006 at
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York. Celebrating half a century of
service to the independent film field, the seminar is a unique forum that
brings together U.S. and international media artists, critics, scholars,
curators, librarians, and students, who spend a week of intensive
viewing and impassioned discussion in a relaxed retreat environment.

The rocky landscape of Sardinia. An insane asylum in 19th century Paris.
A modern-day shopping mall in the Czech Republic. ³Creative Demolition,²
the 52nd annual Flaherty Seminar visits these and many other places to
how media molds culture and how culture returns the favor. During the
event, the programmers Ariella Ben-Dov, director of the MadCat Womenıs
International Film Festival, and Steve Seid, video curator at the Pacific
Film Archive,
present an audacious mix of documentary, fiction, animation, live
and hybrids that blur borders between genres, subvert expectations, and ask
participants to interact with the media set before them. These works will
consumer consciousness, imperial power, aberrant behavior, the clash of
and other themes that lead participants to deconstruct the relationship
media and social behavior and ultimately each other. Creative Demolition
will also venture into the realm of derided media with such things as
exposition and an artistıs gaming arcade. Guest artists will include Zoe
Vittorio De Seta, Jacqueline Goss, Vijay Iyer & Michael Ladd, Sharon
and Rithy Panh among others.

Fellowship are available with a partial fee reduction visit
www.flahertyseminar.org <http://www.flahertyseminar.org> for details.
Deadline for applications March 20th 2006.

International Film Seminars
6 East 39th Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10016 
T:  212-448-0457 
F:  212-448-0458 
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