Re: Animal Charm query

From: Adam Hyman (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jan 26 2006 - 11:57:58 PST

Hi Jonathan,

I received the following from Jim in Animal Charm. I think it answers your
 -- Adam Hyman, Los Angeles Filmforum

"What a lucky inquiry: STUFFING is one of the few videos of ours we actually
know what all the sources are! The animation is from the Chuck Norris
Karate Kommandos TV series while the dancing lemur is from :

"Dance of the Sifakas." 60 minutes. PBS Nature. Partridge Films. WNET. 1996.
Sifakas are highly endangered lemurs inhabiting the island of Madagascar.
They are strikingly beautiful, with fox-like faces and luxurious, thick fur
in varying colors and patterns depending on the species and subspecies.
They are best known for their ability to walk forward or sideways on their
long, spindly hind legs across open spaces, a highly unusual trait for a
primate called ≥primitive≤ by many taxonomists. Their leaping among high
branches is also seen, a spectacular display of grace. This film follows a
family led by high ranking males to an early morning meeting with other
sifakas, a society ruled by females. Elderly members of the troop are cared
for even when they cannot keep up with the others. As with most lemurs,
there is lots of physical contact, from hugging to mutual grooming. When a
baby is born, the entire troop crowds around trying to touch it. Sifakas do
not survive well in captivity, and forest destruction threatens their
survival along with Madagascar's other marvelous wildlife and plants. (See
also "Spirits of the Forest," a film about lemurs, and films on Madagascar
in the Regional Section below--Africa and Indian Ocean Islands.)

in addition, the van footage at the end is from a promotional video about
anti-lock brakes for whatever the make and model of that van are, circa 1997
when the video was composed. It's funny now, looking back and wondering
about all the online memes about dancing lemurs and chuck norris
machinima... whats going on with the collective unconcious...even ole vj,
Conan O'brien uses chuck for chuckles, with nbc owning the rights to Texas
Ranger- he's got that ongoing skit where he just plays absurd and
disconnected excerpts from that gem of a TV show.

the audio is culled from all above mentioned sources. take care and thanks
for passing this on!

On 1/25/06 12:36 PM, "Jonathan Kahana" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Frameworkers,
> Would anyone happen to know anything about the source of the footage in
> Animal Charm's charming video STUFFING? All reliable or even plausible
> explanations of its provenance will be greatly appreciated.
> Jonathan Kahana
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