Re: Positioning the Audience

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jan 23 2006 - 15:16:35 PST

thanx 4 the excellent laugh
i like that word "luxuriating"

shell games and masks are 'violent' superficialities
if you have a good therapist (or have the courage to make real art)
the need for such internal trappings is less

more later...


On 1/23/06, Jack Sargeant <email suppressed> wrote:
> Cari
> you seem to be luxuriating in not actually thinking about what I am
> saying, I am not and never have barked at you, I am saying that you can
> not work on generalisms and assumptions regarding universal concepts
> because there are no universal concepts. You keep on trying to find
> them, and I keep pointing out the constructed nature of these concepts.
> This does not mean that communication is not possible, but it does mean
> that understanding is not guaranteed, for example when translating from
> one language to another, there is often a meaning to a word that can
> not be translated, that exceeds the meaning of the equivalent word in
> another language. this is because words have meaning based on their
> relationship to other words, to cultural understanding of those words
> and so on.
> ...

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