Re: PLEA for ACTION!!!-----Jack Smith held hostage!

From: Doug vanderHoof (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 22 2006 - 05:16:21 PST

On 1/22/06 2:18 AM, "spiritual jazz" <email suppressed> wrote:

> Honestly, with such a hysterical attitude, its any wonder anybody is working
> with you at all.
Spiritual Jazz,
    History, which documentary film is a part of, is a high calling. It
seems Mary wants to do the best job she can on an important project, and
she's frustrated by people who are breaking their word to her and their

>We at the Spiritual Jazz Kollectiv can't always get the footage we want for our
kollectiv movies, and you don't see us firing off a 'call to aktion' over it.
    Why not?

    Other than wanting history to be written, I don't have a dog in this
fight. I also know that we've only heard from Mary about this and not from
the people who supposedly have the negatives she wants.
    Now, about your note, if you don't really know her situation, you can't
tell if she's reacting hysterically. Her reaction may actually be
temperate. You may not actually be hysterical, but your note gives the
impression that you are. Your postings on Ubuweb were very thoughtful and
added a lot to the discussion. Thanks for that.

    Plus on a more human tip, you may have hurt her feelings. Don't do
that, okay?


Doug vanderHoof
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