Re: TRIP PROJECTION -----> JORDAN'S PLEA for Publicity!!!-----Jack Jordan held hostage!

From: kenneth wayne peralta (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 22 2006 - 14:09:25 PST

thank you jack sargeant.

it means a lot to have an informed word of support.

it's upsetting and speaks poorly of this list, the un- and misinformed
negativity that's been projected at her.

emotional responses should give way to basic respect for a person about to
release a work after five years of effort.

all detractors should simply wait until the film is released before hurling
criticisms. at least then they would have a basis for commentary.

and thank you, yes mary wrote the list because help is needed to secure 40
jack smith photo-images licensed for her film and a photography book in

the people holding them away from her do not own them.

her intention was to provoke individual inquires and actions, not to engage
the rhetoric that surrounds jack smith and his keepers.


kenneth wayne peralta

On 1/22/06 4:27 PM, "Jack Sargeant" <email suppressed> wrote:

> I've seen the rushes-cut-edit, whatever you want to call it, version of
> the Jack Smith Doc film and it seems fascinating to me. People who I
> screened it to enjoyed it, and all are excitedly anticipating seeing
> the film.
> I'm really lost about the bitterness directed at Mary Jordan for her
> hard work. Why is her film "tripe"? If she posts messages because she
> wants people to understand her position then why the vitriol directed
> at her?
> Jack
> On Sunday, January 22, 2006, at 08:51 pm, James Tully Studio wrote:
>> Granted, I'm no Jack Smith fan...
>> But wasn't Mary Jordan already showing the film last November? I saw
>> printed invitations and even got 'open bar' invitations for her "Jack
>> Smith" film from three different people.
>> She cobbled-together some stream-of-consciousness production so that
>> she could be included in a 'biennial' her friends were launching. So
>> if she can show tripe in NYC, why is she suddenly unable to show it in
>> Holland?
>> Was this the same film?
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>> Subject: PLEA for Publicity!!!-----Jack Jordan held hostage!
>> Is this supposed to be constructive? Pulling your own film out of
>> Rotterdam?
>>   Use your brains, folks! We all know that Mary Jordan finished the
>> film and
>> already showed it publicly several times.   This is a great publicity
>> gimmick that she needs to pull because her so called ³documentary² is
>> going
>> to need all the help it can get to convince  people that it actually
>> something  about Jack Smith and his work.
>> I was at a film screening last week and another filmmaker told me that
>> she
>> and her production company have already filed a multi million dollar
>> lawsuit
>> against the plaster foundation: the people who actually saved and
>> preserved
>> Smith¹s work. She¹s probably trying to gain control over the Smith
>> Estate.  
>> She has slandered decent people everywhere she goes: Hurt HER
>> feelings?? 
>> Are you freakin crazy??  That woman has stepped all over YOUR
>> colleagues and
>> people that have helped the American Avant Garde Cinema and worked
>> without
>> thanks or recognition­ and she does so with an arrogance that has NO
>> real
>> understanding of film history.
>> When she showed her Jack Smith Circus Show in NY last year,  wasn't it
>> clear
>> that she has hundreds of photographs and many hours of film footage? 
>> Use
>> your brains, people: why is she pulling this stunt over ³40
>> images²???  
>> PUBLICITY !! needed to make up for the rancid failure of her own
>> mediocre
>> film.
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