Re: PLEA for ACTION!!!-----Jack Smith held hostage!

From: Mary Jordan (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 22 2006 - 07:02:50 PST

> Mr. SPIRTUAL???? HA! Thatıs about all I have to say for you. Actually if you
> believe that art is political and can actually heal and change people from a
> spiritual perspective and that is has a transformative nature....than you know
> what I am talking obviously have the name SPIRTUAL in your name to
> So for the record,.....I DO care about the work. I care about showing an
> artists work to the best of my ability as my role demands me too. I care about
> the education and historical presentation of the work.
> PS. There is no corpse. He was cremated.
> mj
> Really, Scary Mary, who gives a sh*t about your film? You act like you're
> trying to find a cure for cancer or stop the war in Irak. Boo frickin hoo, you
> can't get access to some photos for your movie. Didn't it ever occur to you
> that dokumentaries show at festivals without all the rights in place ALL THE
> We at the Spiritual Jazz Kollectiv can't always get the footage we want for
> our kollectiv movies, and you don't see us firing off a 'call to aktion' over
> it.
> Honestly, with such a hysterical attitude, its any wonder anybody is working
> with you at all. Are you making a film about Jack Smith or have you come to
> believe you are him?
> If you are so goshdarned obsessed to kapture every bit of Jack Smith in your
> movie, go dig up his corpse and parade it around Rotterdam, screaming and
> foaming at the mouth about what a victim you are. Or maybe the Move-On people
> should take up your kase?
> The Spiritual Jazz Kollectiv
> Mary Jordan <email suppressed> wrote:
>> My premiere of JACK SMITH & THE DESTRUCTION OF ATLANTIS was pulled from the
>> Rotterdam Film Festival. It can't be finished because the Plaster
>> Foundation are withholding needed elements.
>> Thank you to everyone who's supported me and contributed to this film. I am
>> determined to finish it!! But I can not until I select and receive 40 photo
>> negatives by Jack Smith that were paid for and licensed from the Plaster
>> Foundation back in 2002.
>> Jim Hoberman and Penny Arcade are gate-keeping! Jim has some of the photos
>> in his Tribeca storage locker and Penny others in her lower east side
>> apartment. These are photographs that they have no right to title for but
>> still are keeping them under lock and key. For what purpose?!!
>> Jim and Penny's position is that I've been given "unprecedented access" to
>> Jack's photographs and claim no further obligation to me or my film.
>> Their unprecedented contributions would have me featuring (in my high
>> definition finish) NONE of the Jack Smith photo-images I've chosen to
>> feature. And LOW RESOLUTION transparency scans and scans of scratched
>> CONTACT SHEETS of the images I have been allowed to see. This does not sound
>> like a contribution that befits the undying contributors to Jack Smith's
>> legacy Jim and Penny make themselves to be.
>> Please take action to urge Jim Hoberman and Penny Arcade to act in the best
>> interest of Jack Smith's art and release these and other needed materials to
>> my film as promised. They have no legal right to possess these images or
>> Jack's archives, but still are interfering. Minimally they should
>> immediately release them to a third party for safekeeping and monitored
>> access to fulfill their obligations to my film and Jack Smith fans at large.
>> Jack Smith's sister and family (who legally own the works) are 100%
>> supportive of the film, and offered complete open access to Jack's archive.
>> But Hoberman and Arcade are blocking this.
>> Please if you have interest in Jack Smith, do not stand by idly...ask your
>> own questions and encourage that jack's art be released from the crusty
>> vaults for all to see!!!
>> Mary Jordan-Director
>> "Critics are handmaidens of the lobster" Jack Smith
>> Two Work-in-progress screenings at the IFFR. I will
>> appreciate anyone who can stop by to show their support.
>> "DRESS REHEARSAL: Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis"
>> Rotterdam International Film Festival Screen Dates
>> Tuesday Jan. 31st--- First screening of the work-in-progress
>> Thursday Feb. 2nd --2:45 pm screening public
>> Saturday Feb. 4th --SCREENING CANCELLED (!!!)
>> PS - the withdrawal letter to IFFR was posted at
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Mary Jordan

Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis
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"Capitalism is when you must kill to earn a living" Jack Smith

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