Re: PLEA for Publicity!!!-----Jack Jordan held hostage!

From: Mary Jordan (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 22 2006 - 07:28:21 PST

> Is this supposed to be constructive? Pulling your own film out of Rotterdam?

Actually it is constructive. I care about my work and I care about Jacks
work and how it is presented.

> Use your brains, folks! We all know that Mary Jordan finished the film and
> already showed it publicly several times. This is a great publicity
> gimmick that she needs to pull because her so called „documentary‰ is going
> to need all the help it can get to convince people that it actually SAYS
> something about Jack Smith and his work.

Your above statement is more than ridiculous. My film has never been
publicly shown. Ever. Which tells me from your above statement that you are
1. a liar
2. mis educated
3. bored
4. very uninformed and most likely defending you friends to make yourself
look good.

> I was at a film screening last week and another filmmaker told me that she
> and her production company have already filed a multi million dollar lawsuit
> against the plaster foundation: the people who actually saved and preserved
> Smith‚s work.

Multi million dollar suit??? must have some really stupid contacts.
> She has slandered decent people everywhere she goes: Hurt HER feelings??
> Are you freakin crazy?? That woman has stepped all over YOUR colleagues and
> people that have helped the American Avant Garde Cinema and worked without
> thanks or recognitionˆ and she does so with an arrogance that has NO real
> understanding of film history.

Actually, your above claims here are only a meager attempt to present me
poorly to a list. I don't believe a word you say. I care about artists and
filmmakers more than you will ever. My position of having to FIGHT a film
critic is not something a publicity hungry person would do. All I would of
had to in Jim Hobermans words the day I filmed his interview "make
me look good ok"., instead of expose the real truths.

> When she showed her Jack Smith Circus Show in NY last year, wasn't it clear
> that she has hundreds of photographs and many hours of film footage? Use
> your brains, people: why is she pulling this stunt over „40 images‰???
> PUBLICITY !! needed to make up for the rancid failure of her own mediocre
> film.

Mediocre film. You can name call all you want. Your words and failures to
offer truth is this discussion have just made you a discounted person
without any basis.

Nothing is mediocre when you spend 4 hard years doing something you care
You cant hurt me. I will stand for what I believe in.


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