Re: Mediocre Film!!!

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 22 2006 - 07:15:10 PST

Hiya James,

It sounds like you don't like the way that Jack is
portrayed in the film, more than the form of the film
itself. I can understand this as I went to see the
film Frida and although it was a really, really
beautifully shot film full of colour (for which I'd
almost like to see it again) I absolutely hated it
because it seemed to me that it seemed desperate to
portray Frida as an ordinary woman whereas I have
always got the impression that she was always a bit of
a far out freak!

I also had to be talked into seeing the film Ed Wood
because I was horrified that Hollywood was even daring
to make a film about the man, as how could they
possibly begin to understand.

However I don't know what your background is James,
but it occurs to me, that if you are a filmmaker, then
perhaps you could make a film about Jack Smith
yourself, to show the other side of Jack Smith. Heck
you could even call it "the other side of Jack Smith".
I think that would be a good thing.

I noticed you put the word documentary in quotes in
your other mail, and here you suggest that the
documentary is skewed, but the fact is that all
documentaries are skewed, in fact you can even go as
far as to say that all films are lies. Sometimes they
are beautiful lies, (sometimes even beautiful lies you
can live in!) but they are lies none the less.

There is no truth in cinema.



--- James Harding <email suppressed> wrote:

> Yes - MEDIOCRE work. I went to her "shows" as well.
> Film history is not
> "written" in a documentary film. The interviews in
> Jordan's piece are skewed
> and lacking many important facts. Jack Smith's work
> has been brought to
> thousands of people without Mary Jordan's eye-candy
> fluff. She's a
> Janey-Come-Lately who wasn't smart enough to ask the
> right questions in her
> interviews. Smith's work was a hell of a lot more
> than the silly glitter
> that Jordan emphasizes.
> And from what I understand, his work is not being
> stored away. This is
> another one of Jordan's outrageous claims; all part
> of her publicity scheme.
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