Re: Mediocre Film!!!

From: Mary Jordan (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 22 2006 - 07:14:04 PST

> Yes - MEDIOCRE work. I went to her "shows" as well. Film history is not
> "written" in a documentary film.

No one said it was. I did not make that claim. But documentaries offer
wonderful education and inside looks to truth.

 The interviews in Jordan's piece are skewed
> and lacking many important facts.

Really my interviews are skewed??? How would you know? I tell you what have never even seen the interviews so what basis to you make
your so called SKEWED STATEMENTS?

>Jack Smith's work has been brought to
> thousands of people without Mary Jordan's eye-candy fluff. She's a
> Janey-Come-Lately who wasn't smart enough to ask the right questions in her
> interviews. have never seen the interviews, so what would you know?

>Smith's work was a hell of a lot more than the silly glitter
> that Jordan emphasizes.

Silly glitter?? You obviously don't know anything about my film if this is
all you have to offer up.
> And from what I understand, his work is not being stored away. This is
> another one of Jordan's outrageous claims; all part of her publicity scheme.
Actually the work is stored. Manhattan Storage at Varick and Pennt Arcade's
apartment. Where do you think it is know it all?

Your a mediocre person.

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