Re: question about films of/about terror

From: Peter Taylor (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jan 17 2006 - 07:34:33 PST

hiya masha,

hmmm alan clarke made two really excellent short films around northern
ireland and the violence there (but they may be difficult to get hold
of, i'm not sure.)

elephant allegedly inspired gus van sant's film of the same name.

paul greengrass's film, "bloody sunday" is also useful in understanding
the desperation that sometimes leads people to violence and david
ballerini's recent il silenzio dell'allodola is a pasolini-like
examination of the narrative around bobby sands but ultimately a much
more stylised, almost operatic affair.

something already mentioned but dial history's a great meditation around
the whole subject and hauf's stamheim from 1985 is interesting and
scripted from court transcripts of the bader-meinhof trials.

good luck with it and hopefully meet some of you other frame-workers in
rotterdam this year.

kind regards


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