Re: CIR super-8 splicer

From: Ifmp . (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 15 2006 - 15:38:33 PST

> anyone know where to get new blades for these? mine is giving me badly matched
> splices (ie a relatively large gap) & I'm guessing it's time to change the
> blade ... any suggestions?

If you have a small ballpeen hammer, some visegrips, and a decent bench
grinder or milling machine: remove & peen the blade down in thickness on
some flat steel - this will push material towards the edge. Re-hone or mill
the edge true and reset the blade in the splicer (via a few test splices),
and that blade will work again. You could do this once or twice per new
blade. Used to do this with Wurker & other blades too.

Steve Bennett

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