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From: Adam Hyman (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jan 12 2006 - 14:13:29 PST

And I can confirm that he has no phone or email.

Adam Hyman
Los Angeles Filmforum

On 1/12/06 1:25 PM, "Andy Ditzler" <email suppressed> wrote:

> I showed Mouse Heaven here in Atlanta last August and can confirm that this is
> the correct address. I too received a quick response.
> Andy Ditzler
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>> Jonathan,
>> (Hey, how are you? Long time no see)
>> Anyway, I can't speak directly to Anger Sees Red, but I believe that
>> Mouse Heaven (and I assume ASR) is only distributed through Anger's
>> company, Anger Management. I have not seen anything other than a
>> mailing address for him, and it as listed in the Toronto catalog as
>> follows:
>> Anger Management, 5333 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 434, Hollywood, CA 90028
>> Believe it or not, I received a very quick response last time I wrote.
>> (I provided a SASE, perhaps that helped.) At the time, he was not very
>> interested in "exhibiting" his newest work, but it has since appeared at
>> Toronto and other film festivals, and will be in the upcoming Whitney
>> Biennial. I may be in touch with him again soon, and will pass on any
>> relevant information I receive.
>> best,
>> Joe Beres
>> Jonathan Walley wrote:
>>> I sent this message earlier today, but got an error email back, so
>>> apologies if this is redundant:
>>> Hello everyone -
>>> Do Kenneth Anger's recent films (e.g. /Anger Sees RED/ or /Mouse
>>> Heaven/) have a U.S. distributor? If so, who is it? I know Canyon has
>>> his films up to /The Man We Want to Hang/, but I don't see listings
>>> for his newest films on their website. Any answers? Thanks!
>>> Jonathan Walley
>>> Cinema Department, Denison University
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