Kill Your Timid Notion

From: barry esson (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jan 12 2006 - 01:20:49 PST


Hope you're all well.

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know about the next
festival we're organising; called Kill Your Timid Notion, at Dundee
Contemporary Arts and looming into view on the 17th - 19th Feb.

KYTN looks at radical experiments in music, film and art and revels in
the moment where together they jump of the map, or at least stagger
sideways into new territory. I think this way of thinking, this need by
some artists to step across the border between sound and image, [because
that's where they think they have something to say; about themselves,
about the world around them], is pretty bloody exciting and unique; we
think you might too.

So this year's event has radical performances from musicians and
filmmakers all over DCA's galleries, expanded cinema screenings breaking
free of the confines of the cinema space and a series of hallucinatory,
revelatory and mind/ear-expanding film screenings.

There's a brief overview of the fest at the end of this email, but if
you're interested at all, you'd be better off checking out the website
above, which has images, loads of text and sound samples to give you a
feel of what might happen.

mind you, many of these cats create work in the moment, true to the
impulses of the day, so who knows what they might create on the day. But
then again, therein lies the charm.

Warmest regards & better days '06: B

Barry Esson

Kill Your Timid Notion
Dundee Contemporary Arts

The Arches, Glasgow

Music Lovers' Field Companion
The Sage Gateshead


Kill Your Timid Notion
Dundee Contemnporary Arts
17 - 19 Feb 06

Symposium including [inc Tony Conrad, Rob Gawthrop, Zoe Irvine]
Emma Hart + Benedict Drew
Tony Conrad with Nikos Veliotis, Mark Wastell, Angharad Davies
Bruce McClure Solo

film programme 1: COLOUR [inc. Schwentner, Iimura, Helliwell]
Tony Conrad: THE FLICKER
Film Programme 2: SOUND [inc. Kubelka, Kren, Bruckmayr]
Paul Sharits: Epileptic Seizure Comparison
Sandra Gibson + Luis Recoder + Daniel Menche
Hototogisu + Bruce McClure
Chistian Marclay's Screen Play: Steve Beresford, John Butcher, Paul

Film Programme 3: RETRO [inc. Bartlett, Lawder]
Film Programme 4: SPACE [inc. Koner, Sherwin]
Film Programme 5: DRAMA [inc. Abigail Child, Tscherkassky]
Jennifer Reeves + Anthony Burr
Emma Hart + Benedict Drew
Kazuo Imai + Atsuhiro Ito
Expanded Cinema: Light Music


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