Re: Preservation guide for filmmakers

From: Tony Conrad (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 11 2006 - 15:35:32 PST

Hi Bill-----------

Greetings to you & Katy, and Happy New Year.

This is a great project, and I wish you the best with it!

I think it would be helpful to have a ranked explanation of "vinegar"--
what it is (technically, olfactorily, physically), how it progresses
(infectious? how long at each stage?), and what the danger rankings are
(say 1. Ooops! 2. This is gonna be serious, 3. I need help, 4. Throw a
life preserver fast! 5. Where's my picture?).

Some guidelines for safe projection of prints caould help. On frameworks
there's been recent commentary about the pros & cons of various
projector models, for example.

How to handle film that's become wet, especially REELS of wet film.

To what extent can lost or degraded color layers (e.g. of aged
Ektachrome) be restored, either thru color correction in printing or in

Inevitably there needs to be a ranking of film AND video/digital formats
with estimations of half-lives. (Kalvar wins---with an expected life of
4,000 years. But is there any Kalvar left out there?)

Can I coat my film with ANYTHING to preserve it? (Lacquer? lubricant? ...?)

I hope these suggestions aren't amiss!



Quoting Bill Brand <email suppressed>:

> Dear Frameworkers:
> I am trying to put together an easy to use film preservation guide
> for filmmakers. Most information available is geared toward
> institutions and the NFPF in particular has published an excellent
> one available free at But I'm
> trying to create something that will encourage FILMMAKERS to take
> better care of their works without waiting for the institutional
> knock on the door. I know from my own experience that the very
> thought of dealing with those boxes in my closet makes me want to run
> the other way. So, I thought I'd take a harm-reduction approach to
> the problem and provide a step by step, if you don't do anything else
> do this guide. Does this sound like a good idea?
> So that I can try to address the actual questions and experiences of
> filmmakers, I'd like to hear some thoughts from Frameworkers.
> What are your most pressing questions about preserving your work?
> Have you even thought about this?
> If you have thought about it but haven't done anything,
> what's holding you back?
> Where are your films? This includes originals, tracks, prints
> and printing masters? Do you even know?
> Perhaps there is already a guide like this that I don't know about?
> I'd be happy NOT to write this so if you know of something, please
> let me know.
> I'm trying to do this quickly, so prompt responses are appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Bill
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