Re: Preservation guide for filmmakers

From: Abina Manning (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jan 11 2006 - 13:45:34 PST

There are a couple of good resources for film preservation on the
web. Lux in particular has a good site, somewhat aimed at filmmakers:

And IMAP is also a good resource:

Happy 2006.

>Dear Frameworkers:
>I am trying to put together an easy to use film preservation guide
>for filmmakers. Most information available is geared toward
>institutions and the NFPF in particular has published an excellent
>one available free at But I'm
>trying to create something that will encourage FILMMAKERS to take
>better care of their works without waiting for the institutional
>knock on the door. I know from my own experience that the very
>thought of dealing with those boxes in my closet makes me want to
>run the other way. So, I thought I'd take a harm-reduction approach
>to the problem and provide a step by step, if you don't do anything
>else do this guide. Does this sound like a good idea?
>So that I can try to address the actual questions and experiences of
>filmmakers, I'd like to hear some thoughts from Frameworkers.
> What are your most pressing questions about preserving your work?
> Have you even thought about this?
> If you have thought about it but haven't done anything,
>what's holding you back?
> Where are your films? This includes originals, tracks, prints
>and printing masters? Do you even know?
>Perhaps there is already a guide like this that I don't know about?
>I'd be happy NOT to write this so if you know of something, please
>let me know.
>I'm trying to do this quickly, so prompt responses are appreciated.
>Bill Brand
>BB Optics
>108 Franklin Street #4W
>New York, NY 10013
>(212) 966-6253
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